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Everyone has a vision of a barber shop and the experience that one might have. Of course, the red, blue and white helix-striped barber pole that marks our location.  The experience starts when you walk into the shop and smell the scent of after shave and other products of history well known to man – Talcum Powder. 

Men are getting a 1900s Brit Shave with hot towels, others just stop in to hear about current events, politics, sports, and gossip. It’s where the laughter ad content fills the shop for a few moments away from worries of he world. The feel of paper tape and cape around your neck. Close your eyes and listen to the sniping of the scissors and the warm electric buzz of the clippers . Hot lather and a razor to taper clean lines around the sideburns, neck and ears. Finally the brushing off and the powdering to finish the job.  

Here, Vince; turns the chair around and touches your confidence with a smile that is shared a great attitude is changed. It’s rare that a man let’s few people affect them in a personal level, this is why Vince has built the Barber Shop on a foundation of trust and every client-barber relationship is noted as predominant.


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